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alex belville

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Today Aaron and Dan talk with Alex Belville of Mirrorless Productions as he talks through his success as a local film editor and photographer. Alex talks about his struggles personally, his successes professionally, and how he has built a successful business around his passion. Alex is inspiring and gives fantastic advice to creative entrepreneurs branching out with their own businesses.

a little about alex belville:

I’m passionate about pushing others to be bold and tell their story through video. I’m not talking about low-quality, boring videos… I’m talking about fast-paced, cinematic, and compelling videos. Videos that allow their brand, and message to stand out.


I consider myself a Filmmaker first and foremost & own a video production company called, Mirrorless Productions. We work with businesses, brands, artists, and athletes. I’ve been fortunate enough to travel the country making mini-movies with NFL players through my partnership with VaynerSports. It’s allowed me to meet + film for Gary Vaynerchuk, and see the world through my lens. It’s been a dream come true!


My journey hasn’t been an easy one, though. I always say, “I’m able to tell your story because I have my own”. I never started chasing my dreams with film until I got clean & sober and changed my life around at 22. I frequently speak to colleges & high schools across the Midwest about finding your passion, being a creative entrepreneur, positivity, and storytelling. Telling my story helps me just as much as it helps these young kids struggling to find their path.


When I’m not shooting or editing videos, I’m taking day trips with my wife and 3 kids. Naturally, my entire family love’s films. At the end of the day, a big bowl of popcorn and a movie makes me a happy man. 

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