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bryan rodriguez

WWW- Ep 94 Bryan Rodriguez- Real Estate

Today, Aaron dives into mastering real estate with real estate agent, Veteran, and investor Bryan Rodriguez. Bryan is located out of Colorado Springs, CO and shares his story how he and his wife began in real estate, transitioned out of the Army, and built a successful real estate firm. 

a little about bryan rodriguez:

Bryan comes from a diverse and accomplished background that started at the United States Military Academy at West Point. He served for over ten years active duty, deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan, led more than 200 soldiers and managed over $20 million in government equipment. Bryan also has an investment background in real estate dating back to 2011.

Bryan is the Chief Operating Officer and Business Development at The Lana Rodriguez Group in Colorado Springs, CO. He is also the founder of the Black and Gold Summit, a West Point networking summit held in Colorado Springs.