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Carissa Johnsen

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AJ introduces you to Carissa Johnsen, professional life coach and featured speaker at Design Your Destiny, to give you a sneak peek into what you will hear during the event! Carissa brings a powerful and motivational perspective to overcoming fear, breaking through blocks, making decisions, and being more confident. Listen in today to feel inspired and come to Chicago to see her speak in person!

a little about Carissa johnsen:

Carissa Johnsen is the founder of Carissa Johnsen Coaching. She specializes in helping women love and accept themselves, identify their dreams, bring awareness to what is blocking them from manifesting it and helps them create a step by step plan to make it a reality.

Carissa has been working in the field since 2014 with training in motivational interviewing and other behavioral interventions. She has experience with diverse populations of individuals, and has worked in community mental health settings, collegiate communities and organizations.


Combining insight gained from hitting her own low points and skills as a coach, she supports her clients to discover and express who they truly are, break free from restrictions and design their destiny.

She is a Life Coach, Licensed Counselor, and Speaker. She received both an M.A in Clinical Psychology and a B.A in Psychology from Eastern Illinois University. She currently lives in Chicago Illinois, enjoys being active and has a knack for making people laugh!

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