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Guest Speaker:

Darrah Brustein

DSCF8193_edit (2) (1) - Darrah Brustein.

Darrah is a successful entrepreneur that has designed her own life and helps others do the same. Inspiring and motivational, this episode is a must-hear for everyone!

a little about Darrah:

Darrah Brustein is an author and two-time founder with a payment processing company spanning 38 states and a networking events company which serves 30,000+ people. She contributes to Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Thrive Global on networking, entrepreneurship and creating a life of your own design, and has been featured in over 300 press outlets including Time, CNN, Inc, Huffngton Post, Fox, and Mashable (all built on the back of her network). She's on a mission to help others who are disenchanted with "sleep when you're dead" culture and chasing others people's definitions of success to build a life of their own design.

contact info:

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