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Fees vary by package.

  • Public Speaking Engagements start at $6,000 plus travel.

  • Elite: One-on-One Breakthrough Coaching consists of 12 monthly installments of $599.

  • Small Business Consulting is billed hourly time and materials starting at $250 per hour.

  • Equity Partnerships are subject to negotiation and qualification.

For details on whats included on all the services, please reach out to a member of the Armstrong Ventures team below.


 Some people know that there is much more to their story than what their parents, friends, loved ones, teachers, co-workers, bosses, and role models have told them their whole life. In fact, everyone has a gift or service they can bring to the world. Some entrepreneurs have a great product but poor processes and people around them. It took me years to transform my thinking but hiring a coach was one of the best decisions I ever made. I've doubled my income without quitting my job. I have a much more meaningful relationship with my wife. I can understand the world from the position of SERVICE! 


You will live a life of fulfillment and abundance when you commit yourself to service. I have successfully launched three profitable startup companies, while simultaneously working as an Engineering Manager for a Fortune 400 Automotive manufacturer. I am now taking my next step. I am going to share with you everything I've learned and gone through over the last year. I will cover the tactics to the strategy. I am not #garyvee or #tonyrobbins. I am a normal dude that just took a leap of faith and were exactly where you were one year ago. I've helped dozens of friends reach clarity in their mission. I want to help you! Send me a call/email NOW and sign up for a free 20 minute call where I can immediately begin to help you through any challenges you may be facing. I have been told by everyone that I am an expert in problem solving whether it's money, love, fitness, family, business, anything. I will help you bring clarity to your ideal self. Click now to begin an amazing journey into self actualization. 


Be somebody.


A.J. Armstrong


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Finally, grab some champagne with your friends, family, and loved ones because you will begin your journey into the good life. 

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