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jarrett samuels

Ep 91- Biblical Masculinity.png

In today’s podcast episode, Aaron connects with Jarrett Samuels, a pastor out of Indiana who runs The Pursuit of Manliness podcast. Jarrett found himself questioning how to father his son, which led him on the journey to find out what manliness means to him. Jarrett’s goal is to engage in an environment where you can relentlessly pursue being a man who raises the standard on what it means to be a man of God. Listen in as he shares his view on biblical masculinity with Aaron and his listeners.

a little about jarrett samuels:

Jarrett is lead pastor of a church in Indianapolis, Indiana and the creator of The Pursuit of Manliness, a website/podcast dedicated to helping men pursue biblical manliness.

God has been clarifying Jarrett's focus of what it means to learn to fight for the hearts of those who depend on us while relentlessly pursuing being the man God has called us to be.

The Pursuit of Manliness has a weekly podcast, video teaching and other content across its multiple social media platforms that is designed to challenge and equip men for more.