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Jason lund

How to Make Money with No Money

Have you ever asked yourself, "How can I possibly MAKE money, if I have NO money to invest?"

In this Podcast, Aaron is excited to show you how you can make money with no money, and has his guest, Jason Lund, discuss how he has done it.  Jason shares how he has turned this concept into a very successful business. Aaron and Jason explore the concepts of making money with no money and share this extremely valuable insight with you, the listener, so you can learn how to make money with no money! Jason also rejects the common belief that family is an excuse limiting you from financial independence.

a little about jason lund:

Jason Lund is a real estate entrepreneur, coach, mentor and REIA partner. Jason is a partner at Tampa Bay REIA and WiscoREIA, a real estate investor association, and a founder of, a real estate investment firm offering multiple investing strategies. Jason also has founded a Coaching and Mentoring group to educate individuals and families on how to grow their real estate investing business and how to manage life’s tasks. Jason began his real estate journey in 2010 at the age of 30 with the purchase of a single family home in Green Bay, Wisconsin to buy, fix and sell. By the age of 36, he has flipped and wholesaled 70+ homes and has become a premier property investment firm in Northeast Wisconsin. Buying, fixing and flipping single family properties has always been Jason’s preferred investing strategy, he has amassed multiple Rent-to-Own properties. He has also successfully completed several Short sale negotiations. Through his experience with real estate investing, Jason finds underperforming properties with high potential and transforms them into quality Homes. Creating a win-win situations for all involved by providing his investors and clients secure and hassle free returns, and new homeowners with safe and quality properties they can call home. He has also developed a solid management system that allows both himself and his clients to remotely oversee the successful management of their investment property regardless of its location. Jason is currently focusing on different U.S. markets with a vision of single-family fix-and-flips, as well as long-term hold of multi-residential properties for lasting cash-flow.


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