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WWW - Ep 111- FB Ad Tactics with Jaymie

Today, Aaron brings on guest Jaymie Tarshish, a marketing and digital strategist to talk about Facebook Ad Tactics that she has found to be successful. Jaymie addresses all of the elements of paid advertising, why you should be using Facebook Ads, and how you can make it work for your business from targeting and goal generation to the basics of setting up a campaign.

a little about jaymie tarshis:

Jaymie started Jaymie Tarshis Consulting in 2014 to help more businesses tap into the power of digital marketing.

After offering a handful of services from SEO to Social Media to Content Creation – I quickly discovered that Facebook Ads were the best and most cost-effective way for me to get massive results for my clients.

Fast forward to today, and Facebook and Instagram ads are all I do.

Over the years, my campaigns have been personally responsible for selling out programs, promoting book launches that have become best-sellers, and generating hundreds of thousands of leads and customers for my clients. 

Teaching and training is also a passion of mine and I regularly speak in conferences, online summits, and podcasts. (Check out some of my recent features here.)

I love showing entrepreneurs what’s possible when you have the right tools and marketing strategy in place, empowering them to take control of their growth.


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