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Today, Aaron introduces you to John Lee Dumas of award-winning podcast Entrepreneurs on Fire to discuss podcasting, having a successful show, and tips and tricks to hosting a podcast. If you have a podcast or have thoughts of starting a podcast, this episode is for you!

a little about john lee dumas:

John Lee Dumas graduated from Providence College in 2002 and was commissioned as an Officer in the US Army. After a 13-month tour of duty in Iraq as an Armor Platoon Leader (Tanks) and a total of 8 years in the Army, he set out to do what he was ‘supposed to do’… find a J.O.B.

He tried Law School, and after one semester dropped out.

Next, he took a job at John Hancock in Boston, which lasted a mere 18 months.

His next job was for a tech start-up in NYC. He loved the Big Apple, but not the job, so he jumped in my car, headed west, and ended up in San Diego.

Intro to Podcasts:

Once in San Diego, he started working in Real Estate. It was horrible timing (think 2009 real estate market), so he had to get quite inventive to make a buck, and this is when his Entrepreneurial dreams were born.

He quickly found that driving would be a big part of his daily routine, and he was in need of interesting content to listen to. A friend of his suggested that he listen to Podcasts, to which he responded, “huh?”.

He did some research and it turned out Podcasts were pretty cool; they offered free, targeted, on-demand content? Heck yeah!

He listened to mainstream stuff at first, like NPR. But then he started exploring other shows like Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income and Jaime Master’s Eventual Millionaire.

His Ah-Ha Moment!

He started listening to shows that interviewed other Entrepreneurs, and he realized something big: there were great podcasts out there, but none that interviewed successful Entrepreneurs daily.

The idea was born…

His concept for a daily show began to form – a show that would tell the STORY of the featured Entrepreneur.

Their worst entrepreneurial moment and lessons learned. Their AH-HA moment and their steps taken to turn that moment into success. A lightning round of questions that would end with a BANG!


are you ready to change your life today?

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