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J.R. Martinez

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Today, Aaron brings J.R. Martinez on to talk about accountability, the importance of goal setting, acceptance, identity and teamwork. J.R. is a highly sought-after motivational speaker, actor, and best-selling author, as well as dedicating his time to being a spokesperson for nonprofits and spreading a message of inspiration for others. Listen in to today’s amazing episode to learn more from J.R. and Aaron’s interview to learn key points for your life!

a little about J.r. martinez:

Born in Louisiana, and moving to Georgia at age 18, J.R. Martinez has had many life experiences prior to joining the military after high school. In March of 2003, J.R. was deployed to Iraq, where on April 5th, suffered extensive injuries while driving a humvee that hit a roadside bomb. While in the burn unit in San Antonio, he was asked to talk with another burn patient that had just arrived, and from that experience, realized he had a positive impact on this patient, and wanted to help others through inspiration and motivation in their situations. 


J.R. has moved forward since that incident to become a highly sought-after motivational speaker, actor, best-selling author, among many other inspirational and motivational situations that he is able to use his influence to help others. He also dedicates his time to nonprofits and serves as a spokesperson for Operation Finally Home, as well as for the Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors, Glasswing International, Free the Children, the Viscardi Center, and Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA).


When J.R. does have leisure time, he likes to spend it with his family, friends, and his black lab, Romeo.

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