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kevin zhang

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Aaron brings on guest Kevin Zhang, a 23 year old serial e-commerce entrepreneur who is the founder and CEO of Creator E-Commerce. Kevin talks about how he got his business started and scaled his business giving advice to those out there in similar situations. Kevin has taken over the e-commerce world and show you how he went from $0 to $20million in his first year in business.

a little about kevin zhang:

I am a serial eCommerce entrepreneur and the CoFounder & CEO of Kreator eCommerce, a global eCommerce organization including over 60 team members with facilities in 3 countries. Age 23, I achieved acclaim in the digital strategy and eCommerce community for generating $20M in sales in my first year as an entrepreneur. We are on track to become a 9-figure business by 2021.

I was proclaimed the "eCommerce Rookie of the Year" by Affiliate World and am the youngest member of the Forbes Business Council.

Aside from managing my business, I am an active advocate for eCommerce education and have provided mentorship to thousands of students around the world. I am determined to empower and inspire future generations of eCommerce entrepreneurs.

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