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Today, Aaron has a conversation with his guest, Lane Kawaoka of Simple Passive Cashflow, talking about real estate investing and basics for those that are interested in creating more income, starting to invest, and more! Lane shares how he began investing, passive investing for working professionals, total financial wealth building, and passive cashflow investing. 

a little about Lane kawaoka:

Lane Kawaoka is a Licensed Professional (PE) with a Masters degree in Civil Engineering with an emphasis in Construction Management and a Bachelors in Industrial Engineering both from the University of Washington. As an engineer Lane as managed over $230 million dollars of capital construction projects in both the public (City, State, Federal) and private sector.


Aside from his day job, he controls 2 Manufactured Home Parks and 15 apartment buildings, and one Assisted-Living Facility totaling 2,600+ units in 10 US Markets.


Lane’s passion project, is a free podcast and online learning resource in passive real estate investing. Working as a high paid professional in Corporate America and frustrated by the traditional wealth building dogma, Lane was compelled to inspire and mentor other working professionals on how to do real estate investing and build their own portfolios. Lane urges other working professionals just get started by utilizing their highest and best use (their day job) to save the for the 20% down payment for a conventional loan to acquire a single family home rental. The Simple Passive Cashflow method is to only buy investments with a healthy cashflow buffer that can withstand a market downturn. 


In addition to mentoring, Lane also partners with beginning investors who want to build their portfolio, but are too busy to handle direct investments. He uses his engineering mind, investing knowledge, and network to crowdsource due-diligence through the 2,600+ members of the Hui Deal Pipeline Club.Together they have placed over $15 Million dollars worth of capital.