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Marissa Armstrong

Healthy Life & Healthy Relationships

In this Episode, Aaron Armstrong hosts Former Bikini Competitor, Entrepreneur, Fitness Personality, and his lovely wife Marissa Armstrong.  Marissa and Aaron discuss relationships for entrepreneurs and how to balance the masculine and feminine energy.  They also take an in depth look in the cutting-edge health research Marissa brings to her clients at Marissa’s Fit Boutique. They finally wrap up the conversation with advice to newlyweds who aspire to be great business owners together!


DISCLAIMER: Marissa Armstrong & Aaron Armstrong are not registered dieticians or medical doctors.  Any advice they provide on this podcast is opinion based and you should always consult your physician before acting on any advice.

a little about Marissa Armstrong:

My Story

 WHY Marissa's Fit Boutique you ask...?

It all began my freshmen year in college when I landed my first personal training and group exercise job at a local gym. I was intimidated, nervous but super eager to apply what I had learned in Health and Fitness Vocational School.


The weight room became my home away from home. I competed in 4 NPC Bikini shows and a powerlifting competition while going to college. All the fat loss, fat gain, muscle gain, show dieting, post-show dieting, training on 800 calories, training on 2000 calories etc.… gave me experience, knowledge and lead me to some of best mentors.

After college, “real life” (I hate that phrase) kicked in and my college debt pressured me to get yet another, personal training job but this time I would be referred to as a “Fitness Specialist” (fancy, I know).


I loved what I did, the people I helped and the employees I worked with but my spirit wasn’t fulfilled. I knew in my bones the cap off pay, cookie cutter “employee” life was not for me and I was 100% settling.

I told myself over and over “If was an owner, I am 100% confident I could do it better.”

That one decision freed my mind of the “what if”, “you can’t”, “too soon”, “not ready” brain molasses that has bogged me down and held me back from going after my God Given Gift.

Since I was 13, I’ve been telling people “Confidence is key to the lock of success.” A phrase I totally made up but I honestly never believed in anything more.
I’m ready to share my gift and I know Marissa’s Fit Boutique is my calling.

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