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Mike unbehauen

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In today’s episode, I’m excited to introduce Michael Unbehauen to you! Mike is a world leading defense strategist in air and missile defense, is CEO and President of Acamar Analysis and Consulting, and a former Army officer. Tune in to the episode to find out the connection between being a leading defense strategist and a new way of thought in leadership and bringing huge systems and groups of people together. 

a little about mike un:

Michael Unbehauen was born and raised in Germany, where he came stateside and enlisted in the U.S. Army. He joined the Army as an infantryman in 2000, where about 4 years later, he left the Army and went back to Germany working in security. Missing the Army, he came back stateside, went to Officer Candidate School and signed up as an Air Defense Artillery Officer. 

Mike completed his turn in the Army, and now is the President and CEO of Acamar Analysis and Consulting, where he is a leading expert in air and missile defense. 

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