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Get the Most Out of Life

Leadership and motivation from A.J. Armstrong, a graduate of the same school that brought you Buzz Aldrin,

Mike Krzyzewski, Paul "Buddy" Bucha, Pete Dawkins, President Eisenhower and hundreds of others.

Other subjects include wealth building, real estate, sales, self-development, health, and more! 


How to Be Somebody

Build wealth. Increase energy. Create time. 100% money-back guarantee. Included in this package are 3 hour-long sessions per month with A.J., customized monthly work-out program and customized nutrition plan from Marissa’s Fit Boutique. Unlimited access to A.J. through Voxer with a 48-hour response time. All and any personal or business-related advice. 1-year commitment to ensure you are as committed as I am.


Stop making excuses. Call.


For the Idea Folks

In 4 years the millennial generation will surpass the purchasing power of baby boomers. If you do not understand the millennial generation, call me. It's necessary to magnify this misunderstood generation. We can bring millennial style ideas or concepts to established businesses.


It all starts with a phone call.


Let Me Be Your Venture Capitalist

Don't have money? Need start-up cash? Inquire about equity partnership. For qualified applicants, we can work out an equity agreement. Here's how it works: it's an exchange of time from our business to your business for equity. Or, we may invest cash into your business. Percentages vary upon negotiation.


"Aaron is one of the premier business coaches in the market today. I was blown away by his ambition, drive, and knowledge of Real Estate investing.

He is definitely someone you need to have on your team if you want

to grow and thrive in your business ventures."

— Michael Hughes, Realtor

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Let the good life welcome you.

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