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Mastermind Silver

Take your business to the next level with the Mastermind Silver Membership!

Join this exclusive group of elite entrepreneurs, leaders, and industry professionals looking to make the world a better place, expand knowledge and share experience!

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Hi all, thank you for showing interest in the Armstrong Ventures Mastermind Silver Membership!


In 1743, Benjamin Franklin founded the American Philosophical Society with the purpose of "promoting useful knowledge" and having a network of leaders and professionals to discuss philosophy, business, the arts, and sciences.   


This Mastermind group is a network of elite entrepreneurs, leaders, and industry professionals that provide ideas on how invoke positive change the world.  We will use our own knowledge and resources as well as the support of others to facilitate change in the world through our own unique communities and influence spheres.


Join this team as we take one small step to helping improve the world around us!


Details include:

  • 1:1 Coaching call with A.J. Armstrong. 30 min phone call per month. 

  • One Live monthly Mastermind call (1 hour) – the last Tuesday of every month.

  • Access to our private Facebook group

  • Live calls will be recorded and posted in the FB group for Replays

  • 75% off any Armstrong Ventures sponsored events

  • No Contract and cancel membership at any time.

  • $49.99 per month for 1 year and cancel anytime.

  • All profits will go towards a life and business retreat designed by the group!

  • Guest Speakers on all different aspects of a well rounded life and business





What to expect:

0-20 min  


Calls for help.  We discuss any personal or business related issues you may be having.  People of all backgrounds or expertise can chime in to help troubleshoot and create breakthroughs.

20-40 min

Guest Speaker


Each month we will be bringing in a guest speaker to discuss things like, sales, spirituality, faith, business, marketing, social media, personal finance, real estate, etc.

We will make sure everyone has some time if there are questions following the discussion. 

40-60 min


Free Flow.  Any extra questions for the speaker, or myself can happen here.  Any deals, investment opportunities, seminars, discussions or notes we can discuss during this time.  Any announcements will also be put out towards the end. 

Membership dues:



Apply below if you're interested.  If you apply before our April meeting, the first month is FREE!

We will be cutting off enrollment when capacity reaches a certain limit. 


Be Somebody,


A.J. Armstrong

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