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The Bipolar barbie

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In this episode, Aaron introduces you to The Bipolar Barbie. Her inspiring story shows how one can take a diagnosis, such as being bipolar, and work with it instead of against it. Her story is inspiring and touches on the trials that she has had to go through to be the person that she is today! To be inspired, motivated, and learn more about mental illness and how it affects lives straight from a person with mental illness, listen in today!

a little about The bipolar barbie:

People ask me why I chose the name Bipolar Barbie and it all started one Sunday afternoon. My housemate asked me why I have so many clothes and I replied “because I have so many different personalities, they each need their own wardrobe”

Then it dawned on me.

I am just like a naked barbie doll, waiting to see what outfit I will be dressed in each day, dressed by another hand. Barbie has her outfits like nurse barbie, horse riding barbie, dancing barbie and everything in between.

I am just like Barbie but in the mental ill world!

I am committed to changing the face of Mental Health. I aim to abolish the stigma surrounding Mental Health, leading by example, sharing my journey with Mental Illness. I hope to make others feel less alone as they experience my creative take on living with Mental Illness. I hope to inspire change and encourage others to seek help and speak up.

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