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Ep 107- Preserving Legacies with The Ame

There is a large divide between veterans and their stories and civilians and the divide keeps growing. Especially trying to pass down stories, lessons, and experiences between generations is becoming harder and harder. That’s where The American Legacy Project comes in. They are helping to preserve the legacies of service members for their loved ones for generations to come. Listen in to founders Wyatt Frasier and Zachary Page talk about the story behind starting this non-profit, their approach and growth, and their vision for the future. 

a little about the american legacy project:

In the beginning, what started out as a passion project, has turned into a hugely successful non-profit helping veterans preserve their legacy and pass on their experiences, life lessons, and stories to future generations to come. 

Founders Wyatt Frasier and Zachary Page, both West Point Graduates and active duty military themselves, realized there was an urgent need to help America's veterans and their families record and maintain their experiences, both for their posterity and for their fellow Americans. They went on to put together a team to help in the telling and preservation of these narrations.

The American Legacy Project was started and Wyatt and Zachary to allow every veteran to document their story of military service, and share these lessons with their family and the rest of America. 

ALP guides through the interview process with guiding documents and assists with the interview or helps to conduct an interview with a loved one. Once the interview is complete and recorded, the submitted audio, videos, accolades, and other relevant service documents are submitted. ALP will send a curated public narrative to the veteran to gain approval, and then they compile the information into a legacy book to the veteran.

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