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In today’s episode, Aaron dives into digital marketing and finding and marketing your niche for your business with guest Siddharth Rajseker. Sid talks about his journey to freedom and his goal to help 1,000,000 people gain a lifestyle of freedom with their business through digital marketing.


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How to Have a Successful Podcast with John Lee Dumas

Today’s guest, John Lee Dumas from the award winning podcast Entrepreneurs on Fire Podcast, is dropping tips and advice to hosting a great show, getting yourself out there, and leveling up your podcast.

Today, Aaron brings on guest Jaymie Tarshish, a marketing and digital strategist to talk about Facebook Ad Tactics that she has found to be successful. Jaymie addresses all of the elements of paid advertising, why you should be using Facebook Ads, and how you can make it work for your business from targeting and goal generation to the basics of setting up a campaign.


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Emma Johnson began when she realized there was a huge need for support and community for professional single moms. Emma has created a successful website, blog, podcast, is a best-selling author, and is featured on many media outlets as an expert on single parent topics among many other things. Emma brings her wisdom and advice to today’s episode.


Wealthy Single Mommy





Today, Aaron is talking with Joe Aronson of Community Church on how to connect in a divisive world. What does it look like to be a good person and what direction can we go from here while the world seems to be moving further apart? Aaron and Joe discuss these topics and more, so be sure to tune in!


This episode is featured on Wisconsin’s Podcastathon 

Community Church

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In today’s episode, Aaron and his guest, Ali Shah, discuss social media in today’s society. They discuss the impact of social media, how social media shapes society and the positive and negative impacts of various platforms. Ali also addresses the personal impact of social media on a person.


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There is a large divide between veterans and their stories and civilians and the divide keeps growing. Especially trying to pass down stories, lessons, and experiences between generations is becoming harder and harder. That’s where The American Legacy Project comes in. They are helping to preserve the legacies of service members for their loved ones for generations to come. Listen in to founders Wyatt Frasier and Zachary Page talk about the story behind starting this non-profit, their approach and growth, and their vision for the future. 

Today Aaron and Dan talk with Alex Belville of Mirrorless Productions as he talks through his success as a local film editor and photographer. Alex talks about his struggles personally, his successes professionally, and how he has built a successful business around his passion. Alex is inspiring and gives fantastic advice to creative entrepreneurs branching out with their own businesses.


Alex Belville

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Today, Aaron brings on a medical doctor to approach the different views between holistic and traditional medicine from a doctor’s perspective having practiced both approaches. Dr. Travis Zigler is an optometrist on a mission to help people afflicted with conditions resulting from dry eye specifically. He and his wife are co-founders of Eye Love, the makers of Heyedrate, an all natural product to help dry eye, and is also a platform to give back as a missionary. 



Dr. Travis Zigler



Aaron brings on guest Kevin Zhang, a 23 year old serial e-commerce entrepreneur who is the founder and CEO of Creator E-Commerce. Kevin talks about how he got his business started and scaled his business giving advice to those out there in similar situations. Kevin has taken over the e-commerce world and show you how he went from $0 to $20million in his first year in business.



Kevin Zhang

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